Haunted Britain - True British And Irish Ghost Stories. - A comprehensive guide to the haunted, legendary and mystical locations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Discover the other side of the UK and Ireland.
31 Spooky Halloween Poems - Creepy And Dark Ghost Poetry. - A collection of 31 spooky poems to add an extra chill to ghost storytelling nights such as Christmas and Halloween.
The The Anchor Inn - Seatown, In Dorset. - There are plenty of reasons to visit the lovely Anchor, in Seatown, not least of which is the chance to encounter the ghost of an exciseman who died there.
The Ancient Ram Inn - Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire. - The Ancient Ram Inn enjoys the dubious reputation of being one of the most haunted inns in Gloucestershire, if not in the whole of England.
Athelhampton House - The Ghostly Grey Lady. - A ghostly Grey Lady and a phantom ape are just two of the spectres to roam inside Athelhampton House.
Richard Jones - Haunted Britain Author - Folklorist and storyteller Richard Jones is an expert on the paranormal. He is the author of over twenty books on the ghostly tales of Britain and Ireland.
The Avebury Stone Circle - Petrified Spectres. - The stone circles at Avebury offer one of England's most impressive mystical locations, albeit dire consequences have befallen many who disrespected the stones.
Badbury Rings - King Arthur's Greatest Victory - Badbury Rings has endured a violent past and has links to the Romans and to the legend of King Arthur.
Berkeley Castle - The Murder of Edward 11 - It was at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire that Edward 11 was murdered.
Berrington Hall - A Haunted House - The ghost stories from the wonderful old National Trust property Berrington Hall.
Berry Pomeroy - A Haunted Castle In Devon - The eerie ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle have witnessed many nefarious deeds, and this stormy past has resulted in its being haunted by several ghostly figures.
The Bisley Boy - All Saints Church Bisley - The legend of the Bisley Boy at All Saints Church in Bisley, Gloucestershire.
The Black Swan Hotel, Devizes - The Ghost In Room 4. - The Black Swan Hotel, in Devizes, offers traditional hospitality, with a ghost in the cellar and a haunted bedroom, room 4, which is a magnet to ghost hunters.
Bodmin Jail - A Haunted Prison. - Bodmin Jail is, in parts, an extremely spooky place to visit. Here we look at some of the many ghosts that haunt it.
Bottlebush Down - Poole, In Dorset. - A visit to Bottlebush Down might well be rewarded with the opportunity to witness one of Englands's oldest ghosts galloping alongside the main road beside it.
St Michael de Rupe - The Church in Brentor. - A bleak church steeped in myth, located in Brentor, Devon.
The Ghosts Of The Bucket Of Blood Inn. - A nefarious tale of a long-ago murder lies behind the unusual name of the Bucket of Blood Inn, a welcoming place where several ghosts are known to lurk.
Buckfastleigh Church - Hell Hounds and Squire Cabell. - The story that may have inspired the Hound of the Baskervilles. The story of Buckfastleigh church and its Hell Hounds.
Buckland Abbey - A Sylvan Setting With A Ghostly Legend. - Nestling in a Sylvan setting Buckland Abbey, so legend claims, has a dark side, thanks to the reputed demonic dabblings of a former owner, Sir Francis Drake.
Cadbury Castle - King Arthur's Camelot - Somerset's hillfort Cadbury Castle has long been a contender for the mantle of King Arthur's fabled Camelot.
The Cardinal's Hat Worcester - Haunted Pub - Ghost stories about the Haunted Cardinal's Hat Pub in Worcester.
The Cerne Abbas Giant - Bold and Proud Hill Figure. - The Cerne Abbas Giant is one of Britain's most striking hill figures although his origins are shrouded in myth and legend.
Chambercombe Manor a Spooky Haunted House. - Chambercombe Manor is a haunted house in Ilfracombe, Devon. Haunted by a ship wreck victim, involving bad vibes and a spooky staircase.
Chavenage - A Haunted House in Tetbury, Gloucestershire - Charles 1st is just one of the ghosts that haunt Chavenage, a haunted house in Tetbury in Gloucestershire.
Chipping Campden Hall - The Campden Wonder - The strange story of the Campden Wonder, William Harrison, who worked at Chipping Campden Hall and who mysteriously vanished for several years.
The Choughs Hotel, Chard - The Remonstrating Revenants. - Regular ghostly phenomenon has been experienced in several of the rooms at the Chough Hotel in Chard, including a spectral argument between a man and a woman.
Clouds Hill - Former Home Of T. E. Lawrence. - TThe ghost of Lawrence of Arabia haunts his former home, Clouds Hill, in Bovington, a place he was so contented with that he vowed he would never leave it.
Haunted Britain - Contact Details - How to get in touch with the Haunted Britain and Ireland team.
Corfe Castle's Ghostly White Lady - A ghostly white lady and a weeping child are just two of the ghosts that haunt the truly atmospheric Corfe Castle.
The Ghost Of The Corner Cupboard Inn Winchcombe - The ghost of a young girl whoo was murdered by a 19th century landlord is said to haunt the Corner Cupboard Inn in Winchcombe.
Cornish Ghosts And Legends - True Cornish Ghost Stories - An introduction to the ghostly tales and the colourful myths and legends of Cornwall, one of England's most mysterious, haunted and enchanted counties.
Cotehele - A Haunted Manor House. - If you want a haunted house to visit in Cornwall then step into Cotehele, a property that boats several spectral residents.
Croft Castle - Haunted By Owain Glyn Dwr - A look at the ghosts that haunt Croft Castle, which may include the ghost of the Welsh hero Owain Glyn Dwr.
The Crown Hotel - Poole, In Dorset. - The ghosts of twins, who nobody seems to have wanted are said to haunt the Crown Hotel, at Poole in Dorset.
Crumplehorn Inn and Mill, Polperro Cornwall. - The ghostly happenings at Polperro's haunted Crumplehorn Inn and Mill.
Haunted Devon - The A to Z of Ghosts and Legends. - A guide to some of the most haunted locations in Devon. Discover the stories of the ghosts that roam some of the county's spookiest and most historic locations.
The Dolphin Inn Penzance - Cornish Haunted Inns. - The mark of history is most certainly upon Dolphin Tavern, one of Cornwall's more famous haunted taverns, and many a ghost appears to enjoy its hospitality.
Dozmary Pool - King Arthur and Jan Tregeagle - Bodmin Moor's Dozmary Pool is linked with the legend of King Arthur and is haunted by Jan Tregeagle.
Dunster Castle - Sylan Hauntings - The ghosts of Somerset's Dunster Castle are from all ages and of all types.
Ghosts Of The Witch Counties - Eastern England Hauntings. - The counties of Eastern England are steeped in history and legend, and their castles, inns, stately homes and fens offer an abundance of ghostly activity.
Farleigh Hungerford Castle - Murder, Intrigue And Hauntings. - With a history of strife, murder and intrigue, the imposing ruin of Farleigh Hungerford castle has every reason to be haunted, and the ghosts do not disappoint.
Fort Brockhurst - The Ghostly Whistling - The ghostly whistling of a long dead Sergeant Major is said to haunt Fort Brockhurst in Hampshire.
The George And Pilgrims, Glastonbury - An Occult Haunt. - The George and Pilgrims Hotel in Glastonbury was once a resort of pilgrims to the nearby Abbey. Several ghosts, including a phantom monk, are said to haunt it.
Ghost Hunts And Paranormal Investigations. - Take part in a real live ghost hunt or paranormal investigation at some of the spookiest, most haunted and historic locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Ghost Photographs - Phantoms Caught On Film. - Peruse an intriguing collection of photographs that purport to show ghosts, and make your own mind up as to whether, or not, they are genuine.
True Ghost Stories - Haunted Tales. - A collection of true ghost stories collected by Richard Jones as he toured the haunted locations of the United Kingdom and Ireland..
London Ghost Walks and Jack the Ripper Tours - Join Haunted Britain author Richard Jones for one of his London Ghost Walks and Jack the Ripper Tour.
Ghost Walks - Haunted Tours In Britain And Ireland. - An A to Z of ghost walks and haunted tours around various British and Irish towns, cities and villages. Experience the paranormal and explore chilling history.
Glastonbury - The Fabled Isle - Glastonbury is one of the most mystical places in the whole of England. It has associations with King Arthur, the fairies and even Jesus.
Goodrich Castle - A Haunted Love Story - A daring Civil War escape has lies behind the poignant spectres that haunt Herefordshire's Goodrich Castle.
Hailes Abbey - A Tranquil Setting - Hailes Abbey is set in a rural and truly tranquil part of the picturesque Gloucestershire countryside.
Hanbury Hall - The Ghost of Lost Love - Hanbury Hall is home to the ghost of Emma who, in life, fell in love with the local clergyman.
Haunted Places in Britain and Ireland - Richard Jones introduces his collection of the various haunted places from Haunted Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Cornwall - The A to Z of Cornish Ghosts and Legends. - Cornwall is a truly magical and mysterious county, and a wide variety of ghosts haunt its wild moors, sea-sprayed coasts, and historic locations.
Bedfordshire Hauntings - Ghosts, Legends And haunted Places. - Bedfordshire has some wonderful haunted locations to keep the curious searcher after all things paranormal occupied for months on end.
Berkshire Ghosts And Hauntings - Spectrees In The Shadows. - Berkshire doesn't readily strike you as being a place of nefarious occurrences. But delve into its history and many ghosts are found lurking in the shadows.
Haunted Britain and Ireland - Richard Jones's Guide to Britain's Ghosts. - You can buy a copy of Richard Jones's best selling guide to the hauntings of Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Britain Films. - Watch a series of films on haunted London, haunted Britain and Scotland, plus a fim about Jack the Ripper.
Ghost Stories From Buckinghsire - Hell Fire Hauntings. - Sir Francis Dashwood's notoriously nefarious Hell Fire Club lies behind more than one of the hauntings that take place in the lovely county of Buckinghamshire.
Ghosts And Hauntings of Cambridgeshire. - The ghostly law of Cambridgeshire is steeped in history and legends. Phantoms of all types and from all ages are known to wander its ethereal landscape..
Haunted Castles - Revenants On The Ramparts. - The haunted castles of Britain and Ireland have seen centuries of turmoil and strife. It is wonder that many former residents linger on as ghosts.
Haunted Dorset - Ghosts and Legends Of Dorset - The ghosts that haunt Dorset are a varied bunch. They include T.E. Lawrence, an Iron Age horseman and a ghostly ape, to name but a few.
Haunted England - English Ghosts and Legends. - Join ghost seeker Richard Jones for a journey around the haunted houses, castles, inns and landscapes of England to visit the spooky places where phantoms lurk.
The Ghosts Of Essex - Haunted Locations. - Essex is blessed with a rich and exciting array of ghostly activity. From witchcraft to tales of the most haunted village in England, Borley, Essex has it all.
Haunted Gloucestershire - Ghosts, Ghouls And Legends. - With a mix of haunted castles, houses, pubs, villages and prisons, Gloucestershire is a county that will keep ghost hunters busy for a lifetime and beyond.
Hampshire Ghosts And legends - Where Mysteries Abound. - With a history that is, to say the least, eventful, and a landscape that is truly picturesque, Hampshire can offer a few surprises to intrepid ghost hunters.
Ghosts And Legends Of Hertfordshire - Haunted Locations. - For anyone interested in the paranormal a visit to the county of Hertfordshire is a must. From cursed aristocrats to haunted churches, this county has it all.
Haunted History - The Fascinating Stories Behind The Ghosts. - Discover the historical facts and meet with the famous figures that lie behind some of the most famous hauntings of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
21 Haunted Hotels In Britian and Ireland. - Why not add a little chill factor to your explorations and spend a night at a haunted hotel? Here are my top 21 haunted accommodations in Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Houses - A Collection Of House Ghosts - A look at the many haunted houses that are to be found all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Haunted Ireland - Irish Ghosts and Myths. - An introduction to the ghosts, myths and legends of haunted Ireland.
The Ghosts Of Kent - Haunted Places. - Surrey, possessed as it is with its delightful historic houses and the splendour of Hampton Court Palace, has many ghosts to encounter within its boundaries.
Ghosts Of London - England's Haunted Capital City. - London is the most haunted capital city in the world, with ghosts that span the centuries and often illuminate dark corners of a gruesome and brutal past.
Haunted Norfolk's Ghosts, Myths And Legends. - A legion of colourful legends and chilling ghostly tales come marching out of Norfolk's mist-shrouded past, making it the perfect county for ghost hunting.
Oxfordshire Hauntings - True Ghostly Tales. - Ghosts aplenty roam the interiors of many of the great buildings in Oxfordshire. From Haunted Oxford colleges to grand stately homes, spectres are everywhere.
Haunted Pubs, Inns And Taverns of Britain and Ireland. - An introduction to the many and varied haunted pubs that are dotted across the spectral landscape of Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Scotland - Scottish Spectres, Myths and Legends. - An introduction to the types of ghosts that haunt Scotland and to the places where they are seen.
Haunted Somerset - An A - Z Of Ghosts And Legends. - Discover the haunted houses, castle, inns taverns and mystical locations of Somerset. Uncover the stories behind some of the counties most infamous ghosts.
The Ghosts And Legends Of Suffolk. - Suffolk has plenty to offer the paranormal enthusiast. Haunted inns in abundance, vanished villages and gruesome places of execution - all of them haunted.
Haunted Surrey - Ghostly Queens And Tragic Nobles. - Surrey, possessed as it is with its delightful historic houses and the splendour of Hampton Court Palace, has many ghosts to encounter within its boundaries.
Ghost Stories From East and West Sussex - Haunted History. - East and West Sussex boast history drenched landscapes across which numerous invaders have passed and to which the ghosts of former residents frequently return.
Haunted Wales - Phantoms, Legends and Myths. - An introduction to the phantoms, legends and myths of haunted Wales.
Haunted Wiltshire - Mysterious Stones, Ghosts And Legends. - With mysterious stone circles and haunted stately homes. Pubs and hotels that have more than a few ghosts, Wiltshire is a county that is steeped in history.
Hella Point- The Ghosts Of Sweethearts Cove - The sea-sprayed splendour of Hella Point is the perfect setting for a poignant and tragic tale of love and loss between a sailor and his faithful lover, Nancy.
Hellens - A Haunted Manor House - A visit to the wonderfully eccentric Hellens manor house in Herefordshire to discuss the ghosts that haunt it.
St Dubricius Church, Hentland - King Arthur - The origins of St Dubricius are tinged with the supernatural and, such was his importance, it was claimed that he was the cleric who crowned King Arthur.
Haunted Herefordhsire and Worcestershire - Covering the haunted locations around Hereford and Worcester.
Hergest Court - The Evil Squire and the Ghostly Hound - Hergest Court in Herefordshire boasts a legend that may have inspired the Hound of the Baskervilles.
Hetty Peglars Tump - Uley Long Barrow - A little history of the Uley Long Barrow, known locally as Hetty Peglar's Tump.
The Highwayman Inn - A Haunted Devon Inn - The Highwayman is a spooky haunted inn located on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon.
Jack the Ripper Movie - Unmasking Jack The Ripper. - Unmasking Jack the Ripper spirits the viewer back to the autumn of 1888 to tell the full story of the Jack the Ripper Murders.
The Jamaica Inn - Conrwall's Most Famous Haunted Inn. - Discover the ghosts that haunt Jamaica Inn, the most famous of Cornwall's many haunted inns.
Jay's Grave -Dartmoor, Devon. - Jay's grave stands alongside a bleakly desolate strecth of road on Dartmoor.
The Jolly Sailor - Ghosts, Smugglers And Rivetting History. - The Jolly Sailor, in Looe, is a delightful and atmospheric inn that is steeped in history and which boasts several ghosts to chill the marrow of visitors.
St Mary and St David Church, Kilpeck - Sheelah-Na-Gig - The Church of St Mary and St David At Kilpeck boasts and enigmatic carving known as a Sheelah-Na-Gig.
King John's Hunting Lodge, Axbridge - The Ghostly Ca - A phantom lady who wears a white dress and a ghostly tabby cat are the ghosts you might encounter on a visit to King John's Hunting Lodge in Axminster.
Knowlton Church And Earthworks. - The spirit of days long passed holds sway over the melanholic haunted ruins of Knowlton Church and Earthworks.
Lanhydroc - A Haunted House Of Rare Beauty. - Originally built in 1630, Lanhydroc is a house that has known tragedy, and, in consequence, several ghosts are said to haunt its atmospheric interior.
Lanyon Quoit - An Impressive Cornish Dolmen. - Despite indignities and damage that the elements and locals have heaped upon this Cornish Dolmen, it still maintains its dignity and is an impressive sight.
St Thomas's Church - Lapford Ghostly Sightings - We reveal the ghost sightings of a murderous vicar at St. Thomas's Church, Lapford.
Lewtrenchard Manor - The Ghost of Old Madame - Devon's Lewtrenchard Manor is haunted by the ghost of the lady who saved the house.
Paranormal Sites - A Collection of Paranormal Resources - A collection of websites that should prove useful to those wishing to learn more about haunted Britain and the Paranormal.
Lydford Castle - Hanging Judge Jeffreys - A Creepy Castle, Lydford in Devon is haunted by bloody Judge Jeffrys
Lydiard House - The Golden Cavalier - The ghosts and history of Wiltshire's Lydiard House with look at the monument known as the Golden Cavalier.
Men-An-Tol - An Enigmatic Monument Of Ancient Origin. - MĂȘn-an-Tol is a small formation of standing stones that history doesn't know a great deal about the origins of, but about which legend has a great deal to say.
St Senara's Church - The Mermaid of Zennor - The story of the mermaid of Zennor from the lovely little church of St Senara in Zennor, Cornwall.
Ghosts Of The Midlands - The Haunted Heartlands. - The Midlands is a region in which rugged beauty contrasts with industrial heritage and the ghosts and legends are some of the best-known of English history.
Mystical Britain and Ireland - Places of Ancient Worship. - An introduction to the mystical places around Britain and Ireland, such as standing stones and shrines, that have been held sacred for centuries.
Myths and Legends of Britain And Ireland. - An introduction to the Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland that looks at their evolution and how they reached their current form.
True Ghost Stories at the New Inn, Coleford, Devon. - A scary pub in Coleford, Devon. Real ghosts and haunting in a real English inn.
True Ghost Stories - The Haunted Bookshop - The bookshop where you can purchase copies of Richard Jones's books of True British and Irish Ghost Stories.
New Inn Pembridge -A Haunted Inn - A look at the ghosts that roam the striking black and white timbered New Inn in Pembridge, Herefordshire.
Ghosts Of North East England. - The North East of England is a varied mix of picturesque countryside and wild and untamed moors and coastlines providing a perfect backdrop for ghostly tales.
Ghosts And Legends Og England's North West Counties. - The character of England's north-west is both varied and intriguing, and numerous ghosts tories and legends are to be found amidst its ever-changing landscape.
The Ghosts of Okehampton Castle - A Haunted Devon Castle - A case of mistaken identity lies behind the melodramatic haunting at Devon's Okehampton Castle.
The Old Bell, Malmesbury - England's Oldest Hotel. - Attempt to speak with the ghostly grey lady at the Old Bell, and your efforts will come to nought as she is a shy spectre who disappears on being addressed.
Old Sarum - Wiltshire's Abandoned City - Old Sarum was once a thriving City until the monks asked to move a new location and Old Sarum was abandoned.
Old Wardour Castle - The Ghost of Lady Blanche - Lady Blanche Arundell once defended Od Wardour Castle and she now haunts it at night.
Owlpen Manor - The Ghost of Margeret of Anjou - Owlpen Manor is haunted by the restless wraith of the formidable Queen Margeret of Anjou.
Parsonage Wood - The Disembodied Ghostly Voices. - Those who venture into Parsonage Wood, above the village of Castle Coombe, are in for a big surprise, should the ghostly voices start chattering around them.
Pendennis Castle - A Haunted Cornish Fortress. - Built by Henry VIII in the 1540s to thwart threats of invasion, the imposing fortress of Pendennis Castle has a stormy past and is home to several ghosts.
Pengersick Castle - Cornwall's Most Haunted Castle. - Learn about the chilling goings-on at Pengerisck Castle one of Britain's most haunted locations and a historical gem possessed of an aura of true enchantment.
St. Piran's Cross - Penhale Sands, Cornwall - Cornwall's oldest stone cross, on Penhale Sands, remembers St. Piran, a saint who was fond of a tipple and the man who is said to have brought tin to Cornwall.
Poldark Mine - Cornwall's Haunted Heritage. - A look at the ghosts that haunt the chilling depths of Cornwall's atmospheric Poldark Mine.
The Phantom Monk of Porcheter Castle - A ghostly monk is just one of several phantoms that haunt Porchester Castle
Powderham Castle - A Haunted Castle In Devon. - A spooky castle, Powderham in Devon has many ghosts to chill the blood.
Prestbury - England's Most Haunted Village - There are some who say that Prestbury is the most haunted village in England.
The Punch Bowl Inn - Lanreath Cornwall. - A wonderfully melodramatic ghost, that of a cockerel, used to haunt the Punch Bowl Inn in Lanreath, until the pub served its last pint on 1st May 2012.
Purse Caundle Manor - The Phantom Hounds - Dorset's Purse Caundle Manor was haunted by a pack of spectral hounds and is haunted by the ghostly sound of plainsong.
The Red Lion Inn, Avebury - At Home With The Ghosts. - Guests at the Red Lion Inn, at Avebury, can look forward to encountering a variety of ghosts at the only pub in the world to be at the centre of a stone circle.
The Riverside Inn - Haunted Hotel - The Riverside inn is one of our Haunted Hotels at which visitors can spend the night in the hope of experiencing its ghost.
Roche Rock - A Haunting Hilltop Chapel. - Crowned by the haunting ruin of a medieval chapel that is dedicated to St Michael, the guardian of high places, and it is steeped in Cornish legend.
The Royal Ghost of the Royal Castle Hotel - A paranormal happenning at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth, Devon, haunted by the phantom royal carriage of Queen Mary
The Haunted Royal Lion - Lyme Regis, In Dorset. - Visitors to the Royal Lion in Dorset's Lyme Regis have been known to encounter a mysterious cloud of ectoplasm, as well as hearing ghostly footsteps.
Saltram House - A Magnificent Haunted House In Plymouth. - The ghost of a murdered maid and the apparition of a child are just two of the earthbound spirits that might be encountered at Plymouth's Saltram House.
Sandford Oracs Manor - A Very Haunted House - Sandford Orcas Manor has long held the reputation of being one of the most haunted houses in the country.
Sherborne Old Castle - The Curse of St Osmund. - Sherborne Old Castle was once the abode of Sir Walter Ralegh who may have fallen victim to a curse that was placed on it by St Osmund.
Sherlock Holmes Movie - The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating documentary takes viewers on a journey through the London and Edinburgh of Arthur Conan Doyle.
Shute Barton Manor - A Haunted House - The imposing Shute Barton Manor is haunted by the ghost of a lady who met a violent death.
Haunted Britain Sitemap -
The Smugglers Haunt Hotel - A scary nocturnal haunting in Brixham, Devon. Multiple hauntings with police evidence
The Haunted South East - A Gazetteer Of Ghostly Tales. - A roundup of the haunted locations in London and the south-eastern counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire.
The Haunted South West - Ghost Stories, Myths And Legends. - A ghostly compendium of the legendary and haunted locations in the south-western counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.
St Kew Inn - Haunted Inn, Cornwall. - The tale of the ghostly girl whose shade haunts the lovely St Kew Inn in Cornwall.
St Michael's Mount - Jack the Giant Killer. - The story and adventures of Jack the Giant Killer told around Cornwall's St Michael's Mount.
Stanton Drew Stone Circle - The Devil's Dance - Tradition holds that the standing stones at Stanton Drew are the reamins of a petrified wedding party.
St Briavels Castle- England's Most Haunted Castle - Such is St Briavels Castle's reputation for spookiness it has been called England's most haunted castle.
St Mary Avenbury - Haunted Church Ruins - The Haunted ruins of the church of St Mary Avenbury in Herefordshire
St Michael's Mount - Jack the Giant Killer. - The story and adventures of Jack the Giant Killer are said to centre around Cornwall's lovely St Michael's Mount.
Stonehenge - The Facts, History and Location. - An article detailing the history, the location and the known facts about Stonehenge,
Sudeley Castle - The Ghost of Katherine Parr - Among the ghosts that haunt Sudeley Castle is the wraith of Henry V111's last wife Katherine Parr.
Taunton Castle - Ghosts of the Bloody Assizes - The ghosts that haunt Taunton Castle are connected to the Monmouth Rebellion and the Bloody Assizes.
The Gostly Hair Hands Of Dartmoor - A Gripping Tale. - Some people making their way along a remote stretch of the B3212 from Princetown to Two Bridges have found themselves gripped by a pair of ghostly, hairy hands.
The Plough Inn, Holford - The Ghost Of A Spanish Traveller. - The ghost of a murdered Spanish traveller is said to haunt the delightful Plough Inn, in Holford. It was here that Virginia Woolf spent her honeymoon.
The Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford - Godolphin's Ghostly Figure. - The ghost of the poet Sidney Godolphin is the resident wraith that haunts the history-steeped and atmospheric 13th century Three Crowns Hotel in Chagford.
The Three Pilchards - Polperro's Oldest Haunted Pub. - The unusually named Three Pilchards is Polperro's oldest pub, dating back to the early 16th century. It's also haunted by the reverberation of a long-ago crime.
The Tinners Arms, Zennor - A Refuge From Modern Pressures. - The Tinners Arms in the village of Zennor, is as welcoming a pub as you could wish to encounter and several ghosts are prone to return to its cosy interior.
Tintagel Castle- Merlin's Magic and King Arthur's Conception.. - Legends of King Arthur and Merlin swirl ghost-like around the imposing clifftop ruins of Tintagel Castle
Tiverton Castle's Lovelorn Ghosts - A fierce dual fought long ago lies behind the poignant wraiths that haunt Tiverton Castle.
Torre Abbey - The Spanish Barn - Haunted Torre Abbey in Devon alos possesses the Spanish Barn where a long ago event has resulted in a sad ghost story.
Trerice - A Timeless And Haunted Cornish Gem. - Trerice is a truly timeless Cornish gem which remains rooted in a bygone age into which the advances of the modern world have largely failed to intrude.
Trethevy Quoit - The Giant's House. - An air of mystery hangs heavy over this ancient dolmen and many a legend comes marching out of the mist-shrouded past to imbue it with an aura of wonder.
Trouble House - A Haunted Inn in Gloucestershire - Landlords of Tetbury's Trouble House Inn appear to have sufferred alarming runs of bad luck in the past. So much so that several return as ghosts.
Walking Haunted London - 25 Walks Around Ghostly London. - Walking Haunted London is the definitive guide to the ghosts, spectres and legends of the spectral necropolis.
St Bartholomew's Church - Warleggan, Bodmin, Cornwall. - The ghost of a former vicar who was, to say the least, eccentric, now haunts the lovely little Warleggan Church in Cornwall.
The Watermans Arms, Bow Bridge - Emily's Dissolving Ghost. - The pretty Watermans Arms enjoys a picturesque and secluded location to which a former resident who is now known as Emily returns as a dissolving phantom.
St Kenelm's Church Winchcombe - The Legend of St Kenelm - The legend of St Kenelm involves a complex web of intrigue and murder in long ago England.
Dartmoor's Hounds of Hell - A brooding forest home to the devil's own hounds situated in darkest Dartmoor, Devon.
Woodchester Mansion - The Ghosts of Woodchester Mansion. - Woodchester Mansion is a haunted shell of a House that was, for reasons uknown, abandoned by its builders and left to its memories, shadows ans ghosts.
Worcester Cathedral - The Tomb of King John - One of England's most notorious King's, King John, is buried in Worcester Cathedral.