The South West of England boasts a beautiful and diverse landscape that is steeped in history, myth and legend and which is imbued with an aura of enchantment that exerts a powerful spell over those who roam its lanes and byways in search of secret, sacred and haunted places.

A map showing the counties of South West England.


Our journey begins in Cornwall, where rugged cliffs and windswept moorlands form one of the last bastions of Celtic England. It feels like an otherworldly portal to a truly mystical realm, over which the spirit of that most legendary of Kings, Arthur, looms like a colossus.

Crossing the border into Devon, you find a county that is dominated by the bleak wilderness of Dartmoor, to the flanks of which cling lonely villages where tales of demon hounds, ghostly hands and wicked squires can send chills racing down the spines of the most fearless amongst us!

Moving on, we cross into Somerset, one of the country's most beautiful and mystical counties, home to the fabled Isle of Avalon, where the Holy Grail may be buried, and over the sacred pastures of which Christ himself may have walked in ancient times.

Just when you thought that the ghost stories couldn't get any spookier, the myths and legends more fantastical, nor the landscape more mystical, we pass through the counties of Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, where haunted houses, castles inns and taverns abound, and where mysterious stone circles transport our imaginations far back to a dim and distant past.

So, all in all, the south west of England offers an abundance of haunted places that, combined with the tangible remains of over 5,000 years of eventful history, has something to suit every taste and interest, be you a firm believer in the paranormal, an avowed sceptic, or someone who just enjoys a good ghost story told against a dramatic backcloth.


Tintagel Castle.


From the magnificent splendour of the sea-sprayed cliffs of Land's End, to the windswept wilderness of Bodmin Moor, the villages, castles, houses, pubs, bleak sedges and dark pools of Cornwall are haunted by a plethora of phantoms whose stories are often as fascinating as they are frightening.

The Highwayman haunted pub.


Devon is a county of contrasts. There is the spectacular coastline with its chain of magnificent cliffs extending from its west coast its north coast. There are sleepy villages set amidst lush, green fields. But there is also the wild splendour of Dartmoor, where chilling tales abound.

Glastobury Tor.


Somerset is as mystical as it is beautiful. From the rolling, green hills of the Quantocks and The Mendips, the awe-inspiring splendour of the Cheddar Gorge, or the subterranean mysteries of the Wookey Hole Caves and the mystical Glastonbury Tor, this is a county to linger in and savour.

Knowlton Church.


Dorset boasts a variety of ghosts and mystical locations that can intrigue and terrify in equal measure. From secluded inns to tottering castle ruins, mysterious hill figures to abandoned churches, you'll find plenty here to keep your supernatural antenna buzzing in eager anticipation.

The Highwayman haunted pub.


Wiltshire has a long history that is as intriguing as it is mysterious. Stone Circles, such as Stonehenge and Avebury; ancient battlefields, sturdy stately homes, romantic ruined castle ruins and ancient tracks combine to help make Wiltshire a truly engaging haunted county.

The Ancient Ram Inn.


With an eclectic mix of haunted locations, such as houses, prisons and woods, Gloucestershire is a county that will keep any ghost hunter busy. After all, not many counties can boast having what are claimed to be England's most haunted village, castle and pub within their boundaries.