Jack the Ripper Tour of London

The Jack the Ripper Tour of London is one of London's most popular walking Tours. You can follow in the chilling footsteps of the murderer who, in 1888, brought terror and panic to the streets of London's East End.

London Ghost Tours

London Ghost Walks are a great way to explore the Capital's darker history and visit the places where ghosts have been seen.

Richard's London walking tours website.

London walks that take you step by step around the streets and buildings of the Capital.

The History of Jack the Ripper

A resource website that features articles on the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888.

The Harry Potter London Tour

This is Richard's free Walking tour around the Harry Potter film locations in London.

The Ghost Grapplers

A great site for those wishing to take part in paranormal investigations whilst, at the same time, raising money for a worthy cause.

Ghost Investigators, Paranormal.

This site is ideal for all those interested in ghost and paranormal investigations. It contains a wealth of information that should prove invaluable to intrepid ghost hunters every where.

Cynthia Silk's Website

The website of one of my oldest friends (as in I've known her for a long time!), Cynthia Silk angel channeler. The site is a great resource for all things mystical and esoteric.

Haunted Hereford - Ghosts of Hereford

This informative site is the work of Herford Paranormal researcher Natalie Lawrence. It features stories about the haunted locations around Hereford and even allows you to do your own Hereford Ghost Walk.

Stratford-Upon-Avon Ghost Walk

This magical, informative and entertaining ghost walk has featured on television, radio and in many national and local magazines and publications. A must for residents and visitors alike.

Also be sure to check out The superb Stratford Town Walk for a more traditional insight into this fascinating town.

Spooky Christmas and other Cards.

Artist Loretta Nikolic has created some wonderfully eerie and evocative cards that can be sent for many occasions. Her site offers something that little bit different to send for Christmas and, of course for Halloween.

Inspired Of Spirit

Inspired of Spirit is a wonderful website where you can meet a truly lovely group of people who will make you really welcome. An excellent site for both spiritual and paranormal resources.

The Hampshire Ghost Club

The Hampshire Ghost Club was founded by David Scanlan in 2001 with the aim of investigating the paranormal using the latest in scientific instrumentation, methods, protocols and procedures. We have a very strong membership base and are always on the look out for new, dedicated members to join our existing team.

The Paranormal Research Organisation

Based in Cornwall the Paranormal Research Organisation conduct regular investigations at Haunted Houses, Inns and other places of interest.

Grace Neill' s - Haunted Inn

Grace Neill's is said to be the oldest pub in Ireland and dates back to 1611. It is one of the haunted inns of the Emerald Isle.

East Anglia and Ipswich Ghost Walks and Storytelling

Pete Jennings is a storyteller, folklorist and folksinger to name but a few of his many talents. He also conducts the ghost walk of haunted Ipswich that takes visitors and residents alike on a journey into supernatural happenings in East Anglia.

Burlington Ontario Ghost Walks

Ghost Walks and Tours of Burlington Ontario with Patrick Cross. Haunted Houses and Haunted Places For you To Visit On This Excellent Tour.

Haunted Providence Walks

Join Rory Raven on a ghost walk through the streets of Providence. Uncover the very places where Edgar Allen Poe walked in life and through which he may still wander in death.

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