Haunted Britain - Ghosts Stories from the United Kingdom and Ireland - Haunted Britain is the webs most comprehensive guide to the true stories of the ghosts that haunt this spectred realm.
Badbury Rings - King Arthur's Greatest Victory - Badbury Rings has endured a violent past and has links to the Romans and to the legend of King Arthur.
Berry Pomeroy - A Haunted Castle - Discover the true ghost stories of the spectres that wander the sinister ruins of Devon's haunted Berry Pomeroy Castle.
Bodmin Jail - A Haunted Prison. - Bodmin Jail is, in parts, and ectremely spooky place to visit. Here we look at the ghosts that haunt it..
brent_tor_church.htm - A bleak church surrounded in myth. In Brentor. Devon.
Hell Hounds and Squire Cabell. Buckfasteligh Church. - The story that may have inspired the Hound of the baskervilles. The story of Buckfastleigh church and its Hell Hounds.
Buckland Abbey and Drake's Drum. - Nestling in a sylvan setting Buckland Abbey is a lovely place and is home to Drake's Drum.
Cadbury Castle - King Arthur's Camelot - Somerset's hillfort Cadbury Castle has long been a contender for the mantle of King Arthur's fabled Camelot.
The Cerne Abbas Giant - Bold and Proud Hill Figure - The Cerne Abbas Giant is one of Britain's most striking hill figures although his origins are unknown.
chambercombe_manor.htm - A haunted manor in Ifracombe, Devon. Haunted by a ship wreck victim, involving bad vibes and a spooky staircase.
Cloud's Hill - The Ghost of T. E. Lawrence - The ghost of Lawrence of Arabia haunts his former home, Clouds Hill, in Bovington.
Haunted Britain - Contact Details - How to get in touch with the Haunted Britain and Ireland team.
Corfe Castle's Ghostly White Lady - A ghostly white lady and a weeping child are just two of the ghosts that haunt the, truly atmospheric, Corfe Castle.
cornwall ghosts -
Cotehele - A Haunted Manor House. - If you want a haunted house to visit in Cornwall then step into Cotehele a property with several ghosts.
Crumplehorn Inn and Mill Polperro Cornwall. - We discuss the ghostly happenings at Polperro's Crumplehorn Inn and Mill.
Ghosts of Haunted -
The Dolphin Inn Penzance - Cornish Haunted Inns. - The Dolphin Inn, Penzance is one of Cornwall's more famous haunted inns. Here you can read about its many ghosts..
Dozmary Pool - Bodmin - Cornwall. - The legend of Jan Treagle and the spot where King Arthur cameto die.
Dunster Castle - Sylan Hauntings - The ghosts of Somerset's Dunster Castle are from all ages and of all types.
Haunted Dublin. Haunted Ireland. Ghosts of Dublin.  Haunted Castles. - Haunted Dublin. Haunted Irealnd. In this section of haunted ireland we explore the ghosts of Dublin. We visit the vast eerie gaol. We visit the Hill of tara.
Farleigh Hungerford Castle - The ghost of poisoner Lady Agnes Hungerford is said to haunted Farleigh Hungerford Castle.
Forth Brockhurst - The Ghostly Whistling - The ghostly whistling of a long dead Sergeant Major is said to haunt Fort Brockhurst in Hampshire.
London Ghost Walks and Jack the Ripper Tours - Join Haunted Britain author Richard Jones for one of his London Ghost Walks and Jack the Ripper Tour.
Glastonbury - The Fabled Isle - Glastonbury is one of the most mystical places in the whole of England. It has associations with King Arthur, the fairies and even Jesus.
Goodrich Castle - A Haunted Love Story - A daring Civil War escape has lies behind the poignant spectres that haunt Herefordshire's Goodrich Castle.
Halloween Poems - Halloween Poems that you can recite for atmosphere on Halloween
Haunted Places in Britain and Ireland - Richard Jones introduces his collection of the various haunted places from Haunted Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Britain book -
Richard Jones - Haunted Britain. - Richard Jones is Britain's leading Paranormal true ghost stories author.
Haunted Castles -
Haunted Cornwall - True Cornish Ghost Stories - A collection of true ghost stories from the villages, towns, highways and byways of Cornwall.
Haunted Essex. Haunted Norfolk. Haunted Cambridgeshire. Haunted Suffolk. - Haunted Essex. Haunted Norfolk. Haunted Cambridgeshire. On this section of haunted britain we go ogg in search of the ghosts that haunt essex, ghosts of norfolk and ghosts of cambridgeshire
Haunted Britain. Haunted England. Haunted Bedford. Haunted Bucks. Haunted Herts. - Haunted Britain. This section looks at the ghosts of Haunted England and focuuses on Haunted Beds. Hunted Bucks and Haunted Herts. The ghosts of Britain and the ghosts of England.
Haunted Ireland. Leap Castle. Charleville Forest Castle. Ghosts of Ireland. - Haunted Ireland. On this section of Haunted Britain we visit Leap Castle the most haunted Castle in Ireland. We go in search of haunted inns and discovery the ghosts of Kinnity Castle and Charleville forest Castle.
Haunted Ireland. Huntingdon Castle. Most Haunted Castle. Irish Ghosts. - We visit one of Ireland's most ahunted castles in yhis section of haunted ireland part of the haunted britain ghosts of England, Scotland. Wales and Ireland site.
Haunted Northern Ireland. Irish Ghosts. Haunted Ireland. - Northern Ireland ghosts are featured in this section of Haunted Britain and Ireland. Follow us in search of Irish Castle Ghosts and Belfast's famous haunted linen mill.
Haunted London. Tower of London Ghosts. - Haunted London comes back to life. Haunted Britain takes you on a journey round the ghosts of London. These include the Tower of London.
Haunted Lake District. Witches. Ghosts of North England. - This section of haunted Brtian takes you to the Lake District and includes haunted hotels that you can stay in. Haunted castles and Manchester.
North Midlands -
Haunted York. Ghosts of England. Nortrhern Enland Haunted Houses. - This section of Haunted Britain takes you to the remote regions of York and Yorkshire on into Northumberland and looks at ghosts as well as Dracula at Whitby.
Loch Ness Monster. Haunted Scotland. Ghosts of Scotland. Haunted Highlands. - The Loch Ness Monster. Glencoe Masacre. Haunted Scotland journey in the the Haunted Scottish Highlands. Haunted castles abound and mosnters lurk everywhere.
Haunted Scotland. Haunted Edinburgh. Scottish Ghosts. Scotland. Edinburgh. - Haunted Scotland and Haunted Edinburgh are featured in this section of Haunted Britain. We visit haunted Castles and explore Edinburgh's creepy Mary Kings Close.
Haunted England. Haunted Dorset. Haunted Hampshire. Haunted Wiltshire. - Haunted Britain guide to ghosts of Hampshire. Haunted Wiltshire. Haunted Dorset. A ghostly guide to haunted britain. Also features Haunted Ireland.
Haunted Wales. Haunted Clwyd. Ghosts of Wales. Welsh Ghosts. - Wales is a land of Ghosts. Haunted Wales is a part of Haunted Britain and Ireland and we seek out ghosts in Castles and ghosts in inns.
Haunted Britain and Ireland - Richard Jones's Guide to Britain's Ghosts. - You can buy a copy of Richard Jones's best selling guide to the hauntings of Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Britain Films. - Watch a series of films on haunted London, Scotland and Jack the Ripper.
Haunted Castles - The haunted castles of Britain and Ireland have seen centuries of turmoil and strife. So is it any wonder that many former residents linger on as ghosts.
Haunted Dorset - Ghosts and Legends Of Dorset - The ghosts that haunt Dorset are a varied bunch. They include T.E. Lawrence, an Iron Age horseman and a ghostly ape, to name but a few.
Haunted England - English Ghosts and Legends - An introduction to the ghosts, legends and mysteries of England..
Haunted Houses - A Collection Of House Ghosts - An look at the many haunted houses that are to be found all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Haunted Ireland - Irish Ghosts and Myths. - An introduction to the ghosts, myths and legends of haunted Ireland.
Haunted London - The Most Haunted Loocation In London. - Haunted London is Richard Jones's guide to over 200 of London's most haunted locations.
Haunted Pubs - An introduction to the many and varied haunted pubs that are dotted across the spectral landscape of Britain and Ireland.
Haunted Scotland - Scottish Spectres, Myths and Legends - An introduction to the types of ghosts that haunt Scotland and to the places where they are seen.
Haunted Somerset - A selection of true ghost stories from the mystical haunted county of Somerset.
Haunted Wales - Phantoms, Legends and Myths. - An introduction to the phantoms, legends and mythys of haunted Wales.
St Michael's Mount. Jack the Giant Killer. - The story of Jack the Giant Killer told around Cornwall's St Michael's Mount.
highwayman.htm - A spooky pub. In Sourton, Devon. A real Dartmoor myth and legend
An Armchair Jack the Ripper Tour - Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London - Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London is a different type of Jack the Ripper book which is effectively an armchair tour of Jack the Ripper's London.
Jack the Ripper Movie - Unamsking Jack The Ripper. - Unmasking Jack the Ripper spirits the viewer back to the autumn of 1888 to tell the full story of the Jack the Ripper Murders.
Jamaica Inn - Conrwall's Most Famous Haunted Inn - Discover the ghosts that haunt Jamaica Inn, the most famous of Cornwall's many haunted inns.
Jay's Grave. Dartmoor. Devon. - Jay's grave stands alongside a bleakly desolate strecth of road on Dartmoor.
Knowlton Church And Earthworks - The spirit of days long gone holds sway over the melanholic haunted ruins of Knowlton Church and Earthworks.
Land's End. Cornwall. Lyonesse. King Arthur's last battle. - The story of the fabled land of Lyonesse and King Arthur's final battle against Mordred.
Lanhydroc House - a haunted house in Cornwall. - Discover the ghosts that haunt the wonderfully atmosphericLanhydroc House in Cornwall.
Lanyon Quoit. Cornish Dolmen. - We discuss the history and legends that surround the impressive Cornish Dolmen known as Lanyon Quoit.
Ghost Sightings. Lapford Chruch. Devon. - We reveal the ghost sightings of a murderous vicar at St. Thomas's Church. Lapford.
lewtrenchard_manor.htm - A manor in Lewdown, Okehampton, devon. Family ghosts abound at this 17th cenrury manor
Useful links for paranormal Britain - A set of useful links to do with haunted houses and organisations in haunted England, Scotland and Wales.
Lydford Castle - Hanging Judge Jeffreys - A Creepy Castle, Lydford in Devon is haunted by bloody Judge Jeffrys
Men-an-Tol. Cornwalll. Legends of Cornwall. - This section looks at the enigmatic holed stone known as Men-an_tol.
Mermaid of Zennor. Cornwall. - Read the story of the the Mermaid of Zennor. A mysterious tale from haunted cornwall.
Mystical Britain and Ireland - Standing Stones and Spirtial Places - An introduction to the mystical places around Britain and Ireland, such as standing stones and shrines, that have been held sacred for centuries.
Myths and Legends -
Myths and Legends - An introduction to the Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland that looks at their evolution and how they reached their current form.
new_inn.htm - A scary pub in Coleford, Devon. Real ghosts and haunting in a real English inn.
Ghost Stories. Haunted Houses. Ghost Books. -
The Ghosts of Okehampton Castle - A Haunted Devon Castle - A case of mistaken identity lies behind the melodramatic haunting at Devon's Okehampton Castle.
Old Sarum - Wiltshire's Abandoned City - Old Sarum was once a thriving City until the monks asked to move a new location and Old Sarum was abandoned.
Pengersick Castle - Cornwall's Most Haunted Castle. - Learn of the chilling goings on at Pengerisck Castle one of Britain's Most Haunted locations.
St Piran's Cross. Penhale Sands. Cornwall. - The story of St Piran and the legendary origins of the Cornish flag.
Poldark Mine - Cornwall's Haunted heritage. - A look at the ghosts that haunt the chilling depths of Cornwall's atmospheric Poldark Mine.
The Phantom Monk of Porcheter Castle - A ghostly monk is just one of several phantoms that haunt Porchester Castle
Powderham Castle - A Haunted Castle In Devon. - A spooky castle, Powderham in Devon has many ghosts to chill the blood.
St Michael's Mount. Jack the Giant Killer. - The story of Jack the Giant Killer told around Cornwall's St Michael's Mount.
Purse Caundle Manor - The Phantom Hounds - Dorset's Purse Caundle Manor was haunted by a pack of spectral hounds and is haunted by the ghostly sound of plainsong.
Haunted Hotels - The Riverside Inn. - The Riverside inn is one of our Haunted Hotels that visitors can spend the night at.
royal_castle_hotel.htm - A paranormal occurence at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth, Devon. Haunted by the phantom royal carriage of Queen Mary
Sandford Oracs Manor - A Very Haunted House - Sandford Orcas Manor has long held the reputation of being one of the most haunted houses in the country.
Sherborne Old Castle - The Curse of St Osmund - Sherborne Old Castle was the abode of Sir Walter Ralegh who my have fallen victim to a curse placed on it by St Osmund.
Sherlock Holmes Movie - The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating documentary takes viewers on a journey through the London and Edinburgh of Arthur Conan Doyle.
shute_barton_manor.htm - An extensive country estate in Shute, Near Axminster, Devonshire. Haunted by the spirit of Lady Jane Grey.
Inspyder Sitemap -
The Haunted Smugglers Haunt Hotel - A scary nocturnal haunting in Brixham, Devon. Mulitple hauntings with police evidence.
Haunted Britain and Ireland. - Haunted Britain and Irealnd.This section of Haunted Britain inlcudes visits to haunted Inns, Haunted Castles and seeks the ghosts of the Midlands.
St Kew Inn. Haunted Inn. St Kew Cornwall. - The tale of the ghostly girl whose shade haunts the lovely St Kew Inn in Cornwall.
St Michael's Mount. Jack the Giant Killer. - The story of Jack the Giant Killer told around Cornwall's St Michael's Mount.
Stanton Drew Stone Circle - The Devil's Dance - Tradition holds that the standing stones at Stanton Drew are the reamins of a petrified wedding party.
St Briavels Castle- England's Most Haunted Castle - Such is St Briavels Castle's reputation for spookiness it has been called England's most haunted castle.
Sudeley Castle - The Ghost of Katherine Parr - Among the ghosts that haunt Sudeley Castle is the wraith of Henry V111's last wife Katherine Parr.
Taunton Castle - Ghosts of the Bloody Assizes - The ghosts that haunt Taunton Castle are connected to the Monmouth Rebellion and the Bloody Assizes.
Tintagel Castle- Merlin's Magic and King Arthur. - Legends of King Arthur and Merlin swirl ghost-like around the imposing cliff top ruins of Tintagel Castle
Tiverton Castle's Lovelorn Ghosts - A fierce dual fought long ago lies behind the poignant wraiths that haunt Tiverton Castle.
Trerice Manor - A Haunted House. - Discover the ghosts that roam Trerice Manor a haunted house in Cornwall.
Trethevey Quoit. - We look at the legends and origins of Trethevy Quoit, one of Britain's most impressive Dolmens.
Tristan and Isolde. tristan & Isolde. - Behind Cornwall's Tristan Stone lies the romance of tristan and Isolde. The star crossed lovers tristan and isolde.
Walking London -
Walking Haunted London - 25 Walks Around Ghostly London. - Walking Haunted London is the definitive guide to the ghosts, spectres and legends of the spectral necropolis.
Ghosts of Cornwall. Warleggan Church -
Haunted Ireland.Grace O'Malley -
wistman's_wood.htm - A brooding forest home to the devil's own hounds. In darkest Dartmoor, Devon.

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