A bridge on Dartmmor.

Remote And Desolate Moorland

Travelling along the B3212 from Princetown to Two Bridges, you pass through remote and desolate moorland and can feel a sense of trepidation even on the brightest of summer days.

In June 1921 the medical officer of nearby Dartmoor Prison was riding his motorcycle along this stretch of road when, as he descended the hill where a little bridge takes the road over the East Dart, he suddenly swerved causing his motorbike to crash killing him instantly.

The Army Officer's Experience

Not long afterwards an army officer suffered a similar accident at more or less the same spot but survived and was able to reveal that a pair of large muscular and very hairy hands had seized hold of his own hands forcing him into his almost fatal swerve.

A Hand On The Caravan

A couple who had parked their caravan near to the spot had a similar encounter when the wife woke to find a big hairy hand clawing its way up the outside window. She had the presence of mind to make the sign of the cross whereupon the demonic digits disappeared.

There can be little doubt that the hairy hands are one of the strangest and most bizarre tales to come out of Haunted Devon!