Richard's best selling guide to the Capital's haunted, legendary and sinister places will take you on a series of spine-tingling wanders around the many and varied places where the spectres that inhabit London's ethereal plain are known to lurk.

Walking Haunted London features 25 great walks around all parts of London and will introduce readers to not only the well known sights of the Capital - such as the Tower of London and Buckingham palace - but will also enable them to become familiar with a lot of the lesser known places such as the chilling streets of Chiswick and the laid back ambience of Bedford Park, the world's very first Garden suburb.

Thematically the book offers a great series of different themes to tempt you out onto the streets of spectral London.

The front cover of Walking Haunted London.
Walking Haunted London
Front Cover

You can follow in the bloodstained footsteps of Jack the Ripper, enjoy a close shave with the Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Sweeney Todd.

You can follow a step by step haunted tour around the Tower of London to see if you can encounter the entities that roam its bloodstained interiors and even catch it at a time of day when the tour busses aren't there and thus you have some of its spookiest parts all to yourself!

You can settle down with a drink in a whole host of haunted pubs and look for the ghosts that lurk in their darker recesses. You can take the air on the magnificent Hampstead heath and see if the phantom horseman that gallops across its bleak sedges honours you with a ghostly ride past. You can even flee the terror stricken streets of London and escape to the lush Kent countryside where, should you be so inclined, you can wander the lanes and byways of Pluckley, England's most haunted village.

Full-colour photographs capture the eerie ambience of the many tucked away treasures that the book enables you to uncover, whilst clear and easy to follow maps guide you around the featured routes and highlight locations of special interest.

Walking Haunted London is, without doubt, the definitive guidebook to the haunted places of London.