Glastonbury Tor.

A Mystical Night's Rest

Glastonbury has been dubbed ";the occult Capital of England" and on the high Street, stands the George and Pilgrim Hotel, built in 1475 to provide hospitality for visitors to the nearby Abbey.

Its superlative freestone façade, with its mullioned windows hides a veritable time capsule with low beamed, narrow corridors, a winding old stone staircase, and at least two ghosts.

The Monk And His Lover

One is a spectral monk, who has been seen by many residents flitting about the dark corridors in the early hours of the morning when the silence is broken only by the creaking of the hotels ancient timbers as they settle.

An elegant lady sometimes follows him on his nocturnal wanderings, a look of longing admiration upon her pale, emaciated face.

A regular guest at the hotel is a German medium who has told the manageress that the two were lovers in the days of the Abbey.

But, because of his vow of celibacy, theirs was an unconsummated love, the frustration of which has left their spirits earthbound, doomed to wander the corridors and passages of the snug and atmospheric George and Pilgrim hotel.