The Spectral Maestro of King John’s Castle

Odiham Castle, Odiham, Hampshire

The few tattered remnants of Odiham Castle nestling in quiet seclusion, are but a shadow of their former glory.

Built between 1207 and 1212 it was reputedly one of King John’s favourite castles and cost him about 10,000 to build.

It was from Odiham Castle that King John, reputedly, set out to seal Magna Carta, that fundamental statement of human liberties.

Louis, Dauphin of France, captured Odiham Castle in 1216, after a fifteen-day siege.David of Scotland was imprisoned at Odiham Castle between 1346 and 1347.

Although today’s battered remnants bear little resemblance to the formidable bastion of old, every so often, a trapped memory seems to awaken within to raise the hackles of some those who amongst the ruins.

It begins with a chill breeze that seems to emanate from the very walls.

A faint murmur is then heard, which crescendos into an ancient song, sung by some long forgotten minstrel, who entertains his invisible audience accompanied by the soothing tones of a lute.