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Aimed at the most intrepid London visitors and residents, this walking guide wends its way through eerie and, in many cases, long-forgotten parts of England's capital city. From Deadman's Walk and the Screamng Wood to Dick Turpin and Jack the Ripper, professional tour guide and ghost hunter Richard Jones leaves no haunted house or lost soul unmentioned. Join him on a journey through shadowed alleyways, sleepy pubs and the darkest recesses of London's historic homes. This book presents atmospheric illustrations and route maps along with full details of transport, opening times and the moments when ghosts are most likely to appear.

The most informative I have seen so far., 22 December, 2001


Reviewer: (raecarnal@yahoo.co.uk.com) from London, England

Richard Jones has planned our trip out, step by step. I live in London, and I have been on guided walking tours, but Mr. Jones has provided us with the details and maps so that we may all explore on our on and take our time. I am extremely excited about receiving his most recent book, "Haunted Britain & Ireland". The only problem I have with the book is deciding which one I should go on first.


A MUST-HAVE Book if you're visiting London, March 5, 2001
  Reviewer: A reader from Mechanicsburg, PA USA

EXCELLENT book. Very well written and moves right along. Fantastic, simple maps that look easy to follow--going to give them the test next time I'm in London. Even without being in London, just reading the text was extremely enjoyable. I've read TONS of ghost books; and he's found haunts of London I didn't even know existed; along with the "old standard" ghosts of Tower of London. This book is INDISPENSIBLE if you're visiting London--or if you just need a good scare!

A splendid companion for rambles in London!, July 1, 2000
  Reviewer: Gwynne O'Reagan (see more about me) from Alexandria, Virginia USA

Even for those who don't believe in ghosts! It's a good idea to have some sort of a quest when you travel, whether it be the search for the driest pub cider or the quintessential Wren spire. Without some such unifying theme, travel can become a pointless round of obligatory tourist stops. Hunting hauntings is an excellent quest because it inevitably involves two of the main joys of travel in England--history and atmosphere. I have spent four fascinating vacations in England seeking the most haunted site in the Isles and the ultimate English garden--with liberal dashes of theatre and museums for variety-and still I have only scratched the surface of each subject. "Walking Haunted London" was a wonderful addition to my most recent trip. I took the entire Chiswick walk (backwards) and did portions of the Old City, City of the Dead, Westminster, and Covent Garden walks. All creepily enjoyable! Not only are the walks well-described and the ghosts' stories enthusiastically recounted, but the book gives good hints about other important matters, such as cosy pubs and interesting historical sites on or near the routes. (By the way, I understand that Richard Jones also guides the "Original Psychic Ghost Walk" in London many nights of the year. I haven't taken this walking tour myself, but if his storytelling skills match his storywriting skills, it's probably great. If interested, check the TimeOut listings when in town.)

Well Written and Very Atmospheric, June 22, 2003
  Reviewer: Thomas McNaulty from San Diego. CA. USA

I really enjoyed reading this book and following the routes. Richard Jones is a compelling storyteller and his eyes for direction and detail is excellent. I purchased the book prior to my recent vacation in London and read it cover to cover on the plane over. The first route I followed was the Jack the Ripper Walk and I found it spinechilling. Whitechapel seems as eerie and crime-ridden now as it did back in 1888. I took Jones's suggestion and purchased the A-Z of jack the Ripper before setting out and so was well prepared with the additional information required. I found the Tower of London walk a superbly laid out route around the old fortress. It kept me well away from the crowds and in some of the towers I was totally alone (at least I hope I was.)The text captured perfectly the ambience of each section of the tower's towers.