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Whether a keen sightseer or an armchair traveller, this text will provide you with stories of gods and goddesses, ancient legends, popular myths, infamous murderers and more. Where can you get the best sightings of the Loch Ness Monster? Did you know Wales is the root of the King Arthur and Merlin legends? This volume brings Britain and Ireland's long history and ancient past to life. Region by region, the book reveals and explains the legendary tales of kings and villains, monsters and fairies from our illustrious past, set against the landscapes and places where the stories unfolded. They are all included here - from pagan Celtic gods to the horrors of Jack the Ripper, from royal villains such as King Henry VIII and well-known characters like Dick Whittington to the mysterious Glastonbury Tor. This guide to mythological and legendary sites around Britain and Ireland is designed and illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and extracts from original documents.