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Haunted Britain and Ireland

The British Isles are arguably amongst the most spectrally populous parts of the world - this guide is aimed at anyone interested in the ranks of dismembered, decapitated spectres that inhabit the countries' stately homes and blasted heaths. Region by region, ghost-seeker Richard Jones reveals, explains and delights in the tales of the tortured phantoms eager to restage their dark and turbulent pasts. The cast of characters ranges from ghostly legionaries that tramp the long-buried streets of Roman York to the malevolent fairy lights of Derbyshire's Longendale, from the shade of Ladford's murderous vicar to the grief-stricken white lady who may or may not have attended pop singer Madonna's wedding at Skibo Castle. The book is illustrated throughout and features extracts from original documents.

Sure to be a favorite with ghost afficianados!, December 17, 2002


Reviewer: Karen D. Stevens (see more about me) from Billings, Montana United States

I was fortunate enough to tour some of London's haunted sites with Richard Jones a few years ago and his first book, "Walking Haunted London," brought back enjoyable memories of that tour. His second book covers a wider area and includes stories of genuine hauntings from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Jones' style is crisp and readable and each tale is accompanied by atmospheric black-and-white photos. The author's fascination with ghosts (which he believes are mostly "place memories") is apparent. A coffee-table book that is likely to be well-thumbed.


Whatta great read!, 25 April, 2003
  Reviewer: girlygirrl from Lancashire United Kingdom

I started reading this book and just couldn't put it down! I've watched 'Ghosthunters' a few times and was surprised to see some of the places mentioned on the show in this book. The accompanying pictures were great in getting a place in mind. If you want to read about the haunted history of the UK..then read this book!

An informative read, 4 November, 2001
  Reviewer: (wellben60@hotmail.com) from Darlington, England

I liked this book. The author has wittily narrated a collection of ghost stories from the British Isles. The pictures are colourful and apt making way for an entertaining read.
In conclusion I would recommend this book especially to those with an interest in the paranormal and also to the general reader. Hugely entertaining.